Pioneering the Future of
Solar Panel Recycling

We provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for solar panel recycling, harmonizing environmental responsibility with economic viability.

A Revolutionary Leap Forward

We lead the charge in delivering unequivocally efficient and environmentally friendly recycling remedies for photovoltaic (PV) modules. Our unwavering mission is to offer the definitive answer to the solar industry's
e-waste challenge, all while leaving an indelibly positive mark on the planet.

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Our Revolutionay Technology

RES' Mobile Dismantle Factory, a 53-foot container that transforms into an outdoor recycling station for versatile use.

Lower Transportation Cost

On-site dismantle reduce 90%
of the transportation cost.

Maximum Capacity Per Day

High capacity create more possibility.

Material Value Preserved

Preserved 80% of material value ensuring reusability of the material.

Monthly Recycled PV Count

Enjoy a hassle-free recycling service with RES.

Our Services

RES provides various service model and service customization that fits your needs and budget.

First Move To A More Sustainable Future